Mobile Application Lifecycle

The development and administration of mobile applications confront companies with new challenges that require more than traditional application lifecycle management. Along with general volatility and market fragmentation, inadequate control is a major source of these challenges.

Companies are increasingly relying on more  complex mobile applications. This not only requires careful planning, but also suitable technologies. Until now, lifecycle management for mobile applications has been based on traditional application lifecycle management. However, this isn’t enough to cope with the specific aspects of the mobile domain. Its enormous volatility requires constant adjustments – often already in the design or development phase, but certainly shortly after the application is launch.

SMC Mobile Application Lifecycle Management Process

Design and Planning
In order to utilize future synergies and to maintain a grip on management costs, a longterm vision must be taken into account today when making architecture and technology decisions. A mobile app must have ease of use in a train, a restaurant, while the user is walking or no matter where the user desires to access the app
Development and Testing
Developers of mobile applications must be familiar with the typical aspects of the mobile environment, including limited bandwidth, offline behavior, memory management and device recognition. In addition, the various platforms, in part based on different technologies, often require various developers with corresponding skills.
Deployment and Updating
While the distribution (deployment) of public apps is relatively easy, it’s more complicated with a restricted user group. Applications for the general public are simply delivered to the app stores, where they are subjected to further review (depending on the store operator). This is usually a smooth process unless there are delays due to objections.
Monitoring and Analysis
Comprehensive performance monitoring and detailed use analysis are currently nonexistent in most apps, which among other things, often causes problems that remain undetected for a long period of time.The absence of analysis capabilities on the other hand creates problems in both technical and design terms. Without detailed figures on app use, it is impossible to measure acceptance or set the right priorities for further development.

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