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SharePoint is an enterprise information portal, from Microsoft, that can be configured to run Intranet, Extranet and Internet sites. SharePoint comprises a multipurpose set of Web technologies backed by a common technical infrastructure. By default, SharePoint has a Microsoft Office-like interface, and it is closely integrated with the Office suite. The web tools are designed to be usable by non-technical users. SharePoint can be used to provide intranet portals, document & file management, collaboration, social networks, extranets, websites, enterprise search, and business intelligence. It also has system integration, process integration, and workflow automation capabilities.

We help organizations to manage their unstructured content by providing improved knowledge sharing, enterprise collaboration, customer communications and better process efficiency with our SharePoint solutions. With our deep technical skills and expertise on SharePoint, we ensure the success of each and every project.

We Offer

SharePoint Consulting

SMC’s project methodology is focused on understanding our clients' needs and engineering SharePoint solutions to deliver what is required. Our project methodology is delivered in distinct steps. Each step has a tangible deliverable and is supported by best of class project and account management.

SharePoint Deployment Services

We can help you make the most of these days and guide you through your SharePoint deployment planning project.

SharePoint Support

SMC is pleased to offer a support plan ensuring organizations are making the right decisions around their SharePoint investment, managing the platform with best practice in mind, and developing and extending SharePoint to help them drive sales and business efficiencies.

Project Lifecycle Management

We see SharePoint as an enterprise development platform that delivers Business efficiencies and drives brand image. Given the extensiveness of the platform and the different business benefits, a SharePoint deployment program needs careful planning and management.

Too often, SharePoint is allowed to grow organically without planning or governance and before you know it, chaos has set in.

Based on our extensive experience of delivering SharePoint projects to customers, SMC can provide you with strategic consulting that covers the following areas:

Once the SharePoint strategy is in place, we can help you structure tactile projects and take advantage of our Agile methodologies to deliver to the business on time and to budget.

About us

SMC is one of the fastest growing Software development and consulting company. SMC provides high-value software application development services worldwide. The services we provide include - Web Application Development, Mobile Solutions, System Integration, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Internet Marketing and more. With our approach and strategies, we deliver exceptionally flexible solutions for all our clients and they gain maximum advantage from our services at minimal risk.

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