Java Web Application Development Expertise

Java has been proved a reliable technology delivering stability, security, and scalability for the clients’ web applications. At SMC, we have a team of certified Java software developers who contribute their time, effort, intelligence, and substantial application development experience to a client's project success. Our professional Java web developers know the challenge and provide the apps that both meet the customers’ needs and demands and meet the top-notch industry standards.

Java is object oriented programming language intended to mange software complexity as new way. Java is used in variety of computer platform including embedded device, mobile phone, enterprise application and super computers. Java is nearly everywhere in mobile phones, enterprise application, web services and desktop applications.

Advantages of JAVA

SMC providing application development services in Java, J2EE and J2ME technology. We provide Java Development and J2EE Design Services that can efficiently utilize the services available form Java Application Server and the J2EE Framework, including JMS (java's messaging services), JSP (java server pages), EJBS (Enterprise JavaBeans and JDBC.)

Technology we use

Core Java
Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Java Server Faces (JSF), Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlets, Swing and Applets
Java Framework
Tapestry, Struts, Spring
Web Services
Application development Framework
JBoss Seam, Oracle ADF, Struts 2.0, Spring, Tapestry, Wicket
Application IDE Tools
Eclipse, Oracle JDeveloper, Borland JBuilder

Java /J2EE/J2ME Development Services:

About us

SMC is one of the fastest growing Software development and consulting company. SMC provides high-value software application development services worldwide. The services we provide include - Web Application Development, Mobile Solutions, System Integration, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Internet Marketing and more. With our approach and strategies, we deliver exceptionally flexible solutions for all our clients and they gain maximum advantage from our services at minimal risk.

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