Software Development and Maintenance

Superior Application Development requires an unwavering commitment to deliver value balanced by an innovative mindset. Practicality—honed by creative experience and technical expertise—produces dependable results. This is how companies realize their business goals, enhance their brand and leverage technological advantages as they expand their base of loyal customers.

The challenge is to build a coherent application so that you:

Software Application Development involves programming, testing and/or implementation of the business requirements as defined in the Software Application Design phase. The first step in this service is approval to proceed with development as provided by the customer. Next steps include:

Desktop Application Development

SMC offers its expertise to develop desktop application, carefully analyzing the needs of the client and customizing to their requirements and help them to remain in step with their competition by continuously improving information on technology-based business solutions. We know that every business is different from the other and its rivals and they need specific identity through their customized solutions to successfully meet their unique business requirements.

We build new generation Rich Desktop Applications (RDA) and Rich Internet Desktop Applications (RIDA) to help you tackle the challenges you face in your business environment. We use our custom built RDA and RIDAs to simplify your business processes, improve your performance and accelerate your productivity. The applications we architect offer the power and performance characteristic of desktop applications with the innovative user interface of web applications. The result of which is smart, webified, internet deployable desktop applications - that can reliably store data, serve it robustly, and interact with both remote and local databases. These webified desktop applications are at par with Rich Internet Applications in terms of the sophisticated features and user experience offered!

Right from navigation software, graphic editors to windows Installer packages (MSI), SMC has delivered high-end desktop solutions to many clients that can be deployed across a company-wide intranet, or for use on a single machine.

Widget Development

SMC provides full-service dashboard widget development, desktop widget development, mobile widget development and social network application development services, including strategy, development, deployment, distribution and promotion and ongoing management.

We have developed widgets, gadgets, toolbars and social media applications on emerging and established companies on a broad range of platforms. Web widgets and social network applications offer the most powerful way to create engaging connections with your target audiences on the Web and within social networking web sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and LinkedIn.

What a widget does is take a regular website or desktop and turn it into something more exciting than before. Furthermore, users finding web widgets useful and will return to that widget again and again, which means that they will be more and more likely to transact with you for whatever product or service you are offering them.

Widget development and social network application development projects include:

About us

SMC is one of the fastest growing Software development and consulting company. SMC provides high-value software application development services worldwide. The services we provide include - Web Application Development, Mobile Solutions, System Integration, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Internet Marketing and more. With our approach and strategies, we deliver exceptionally flexible solutions for all our clients and they gain maximum advantage from our services at minimal risk.

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