Business Intelligence

SMC business intelligence (BI) solutions provide comprehensive business intelligence functionality that can empower users to make effective, informed decisions based on solid data and analysis. All users, from the high-end analyst to the casual business user, and executive have access to the information they need -with minimal dependence on IT resources and developers.

With these powerful solutions, users throughout the enterprise can access, format, analyze, navigate, and share information across the organization.

We develop tailored BI components and comprehensive end-to-end BI solutions including enterprise BI portals, OLAP systems and data quality management solutions.

Solutions that help drive business
Business Intelligence solutions for internal use that facilitate business data access, operational transparency and decision making
Solutions that add value
Online reporting and BI tools accessible to customers and partners via subscriptions or as a free value-adding service

SMC works with all the major blocks required for smooth data processing and functioning of business intelligence systems, from data gathering through to interactive user interfaces focused on convenient data visualization and analytical work:

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)

By implementing ETL solutions we help our customers convert isolated data silos and heterogeneous sources of information into a valuable highly integrated business intelligence resource:

BI Data Storage

Establishing and maintaining a BI storage employs most of professional database development techniques and features. At the same time, preparing BI-ready data marts is much more than simply storing data in a dedicated database. To build a trustworthy analytical data source SMC team delivers a set of specialized solutions:

Analytical Processing

BI solutions exist to provide understandable and trustworthy analytical results within a particular business context. To achieve this objective analytical processing should satisfy two major requirements:

Covering the above, SMC offers its knowledge and skills to:

Presentation Layer

With established data flow, storage and BI process, SMC makes the final step in providing analysts and decision makers with a structured and visualized environment:

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SMC is one of the fastest growing Software development and consulting company. SMC provides high-value software application development services worldwide. The services we provide include - Web Application Development, Mobile Solutions, System Integration, Software Testing and Quality Assurance, Internet Marketing and more. With our approach and strategies, we deliver exceptionally flexible solutions for all our clients and they gain maximum advantage from our services at minimal risk.

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